Monday, April 11, 2011

The chocolate baby!

First, I am sorry I haven't blogged in a few weeks! We've been busy but great! Glad to start up again, this is so much fun! :)

Now on to my Chocolate baby girl.. We had dinner the other night during all the storm siren's going off and whatnot. The boys wanted no part in treats after dinner but the storm made no difference to Lydia she wanted her promised chocolate eggs after she ate all her dinner! They were small, foil wrapped milk chocolate eggs. Only 3 of them, I thought how much of a mess they are not that big right?!? WRONG!
My beautiful "purrfect princess" as her shirt says, was turned into the chocolate messy girl! haha. This one does not do it justice..
Even on her tray and hands but even looking at this one does not show what she looked like in the end... this must have only been after chocolate egg #2!  (And I happen to think she really looks like her Aunt Karlee here! Very cute!)
Hahaha, oh yeah.. this is after all 3 eggs!!! Chocolate from tips of fingers to elbows before done, and her chin to her hair! She had fun and is about done at this point! But Noah walked in wondering what the heck we were doing while he was scared we'd all be blown away by a tornado. So this was his expression:
Hehe, crazy guy! Well.. Lydia and I had fun. She did however scream the whole time getting cleaned up after this. As of lately she hates being washed up, but they always go through that phase! These babies are so much fun!

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