Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun in the sun!

Now I know I have slacked on posting!! I'm sorry! It has been crazy at our house, still no excuse... I have much to post on, but couldn't pass up telling everyone about our "Fun in the sun" this past Saturday. Well fun in the sun, and water while enjoying good company.
The boys were all enjoying the sun with Jackies boy's Dylon and Brock, Nina thought she was one of the kids as well!
Brock and Lydia enjoyed the "baby pool's" for quite a while. They didn't even know the difference! Haha Brock had just stood up, he has No fear just dipped his head in the water face first and loved it!

The older boys had a blast with the slip n' slide, we have many bruses to prove! But they didn't care, we even had to move it half way through they had created a mud pit in the grass where they kept landing!
Brock loving the water in his face :-)
Lydia was loving the idea of the slip n' slide...
That is untill it came to the water in the face. Brock loves it, Lydia does NOT!!!
None of the kids however minded having an ice cream cone! Along with the boys getting haircuts from Aunt Connie!!!
It was an awesome day of relaxing in the beautiful sun at Heather's house with Grandma Cathy, Aunt Connie, Aunt Chris, Heather, Jackie and all the kiddos! Tons of fun in the sun doing all those wonderful summer things!
After all of that it was time to go wash all the grass and mud out of the shorts from the slip n' slide!!! Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

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