Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun in the sun!

Now I know I have slacked on posting!! I'm sorry! It has been crazy at our house, still no excuse... I have much to post on, but couldn't pass up telling everyone about our "Fun in the sun" this past Saturday. Well fun in the sun, and water while enjoying good company.
The boys were all enjoying the sun with Jackies boy's Dylon and Brock, Nina thought she was one of the kids as well!
Brock and Lydia enjoyed the "baby pool's" for quite a while. They didn't even know the difference! Haha Brock had just stood up, he has No fear just dipped his head in the water face first and loved it!

The older boys had a blast with the slip n' slide, we have many bruses to prove! But they didn't care, we even had to move it half way through they had created a mud pit in the grass where they kept landing!
Brock loving the water in his face :-)
Lydia was loving the idea of the slip n' slide...
That is untill it came to the water in the face. Brock loves it, Lydia does NOT!!!
None of the kids however minded having an ice cream cone! Along with the boys getting haircuts from Aunt Connie!!!
It was an awesome day of relaxing in the beautiful sun at Heather's house with Grandma Cathy, Aunt Connie, Aunt Chris, Heather, Jackie and all the kiddos! Tons of fun in the sun doing all those wonderful summer things!
After all of that it was time to go wash all the grass and mud out of the shorts from the slip n' slide!!! Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The chocolate baby!

First, I am sorry I haven't blogged in a few weeks! We've been busy but great! Glad to start up again, this is so much fun! :)

Now on to my Chocolate baby girl.. We had dinner the other night during all the storm siren's going off and whatnot. The boys wanted no part in treats after dinner but the storm made no difference to Lydia she wanted her promised chocolate eggs after she ate all her dinner! They were small, foil wrapped milk chocolate eggs. Only 3 of them, I thought how much of a mess they are not that big right?!? WRONG!
My beautiful "purrfect princess" as her shirt says, was turned into the chocolate messy girl! haha. This one does not do it justice..
Even on her tray and hands but even looking at this one does not show what she looked like in the end... this must have only been after chocolate egg #2!  (And I happen to think she really looks like her Aunt Karlee here! Very cute!)
Hahaha, oh yeah.. this is after all 3 eggs!!! Chocolate from tips of fingers to elbows before done, and her chin to her hair! She had fun and is about done at this point! But Noah walked in wondering what the heck we were doing while he was scared we'd all be blown away by a tornado. So this was his expression:
Hehe, crazy guy! Well.. Lydia and I had fun. She did however scream the whole time getting cleaned up after this. As of lately she hates being washed up, but they always go through that phase! These babies are so much fun!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day ice cream fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!! We thought we'd celebrate by all wearing some sort of green today, along with after dinner ice cream. Elijah was the only one to opt out of ice cream, but I think it was just so he could have some "alone time" with the Wii! Hehe Lydia had the most fun, however she always does at meal time!
A face only a mama could love... Well who couldn't love this cutie?!?!

Do not let her fool you, she was only chewing on that spoon... Never once used it to actually place the ice cream in her mouth!

"Why yes mama, good to the last drop"
Noah's favorite treat happens to be ice cream! He's a very happy boy who would just like to get back to his snack!

Got her to kind of smile, hehe. Ice cream was a good way to end our St. Patrick's day! I found a post today on the real meaning of this day and I'm stealing it from Christina!!! Facts about St. Patrick: He was a slave, he was taken from Britain and shipped to Ireland to work as a slave, he escaped, returned to Britain, became a bishop, returned to Ireland and he taught the Irish about Christianity, he also spoke out against slavery. I thought I'd share this info cuz alot of people don't know the reason behind St. Patrick's Day (March 17th date of his death)
I love learning the meaning behind things, thank you Christina! Have a great day everyone ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Homeschool books for next year are here!!!

YAY! I'm probably the most excited about this.. Although I did see the kids eyes light up when they came in from Awana tonight to this huge box in the kitchen. I had to lug it up the stairs earlier nearly sending it along with myself plumiting all the way back down! Ha!
 But it was here, all minus the math program for Elijah (which will be ordered shortly after this school year is out and after taking the math placement exam), the kiddos (almost complete set of) next year of school books! We ordered from My Father's World, after much prayer and thought. I am So very glad we went with them... now I haven't used it yet of course but its just so much fun to look at! Hehe!
Lydia will have yet another fun box to keep her busy tomorrow morning! I loved sitting there on the floor pulling everything out looking to make sure everything I ordered was there. Just like a kid on Christmas! First I went through everything for Noah's year of kindergarten!
He is such a "hand's on", visual and kinetic learner. So he is going to love this next year! Especially the ant hill and butterfly garden! We also have a tadpole/frog terrarium for them to observe and learn from too. He needs the extra challenge I can provide him at home. So smart that boy is I tell ya!
Elijah will also have a blast this next year for 3rd grade! He will enjoy being home learning, he is the one who began asking about this back in 1st grade. After much prayer and time he is ecstatic to begin next year. He loves reading and finding adventure in writing his own stories as well. We have such wonderful kids, I'm looking forward to having just as much fun as them! We will be enjoying our school year for sure! God is so good to us, we are very blessed to homeschool! And while it's not for everyone I encourage you to seek information on it if you have the feeling it could be for you! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A "Wii" bit of fun!

Today we got our family Wii system.. Well I ordered it a while ago and the Ups man didn't leave it yesterday, we even had to go pick it up. But boy was it worth it! Such a blast we've all enjoyed it! At first I worried I wouldn't be able to set it up, it was the easiest game system I've ever had to set up or figure out the buttons on. Very user friendly for us not so tech smart people!
We bought a Wii bundle, it included everything with Wii Fit Plus and all. I still would like to get the kiddos Nickalodeon Fit, and the Hasboro Family Game Night one. However even without the last two the boys have been pleanty busy tonight!

                    Elijah feels the need to play shirtless, maybe it makes him feel more sportslike... haha!
Even Lydia has joined in on the fun of our new Wii... Even if it is only with the big box it came in! ;)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Green egg's and Ham!

  Yesterday felt much, much more like Spring!!! So, I planned on having a picnic inside the house for the kids. We love to do this on a blanket in the livingroom like nuts. However when Noah got home from school, he announced he would like green eggs and ham. Me being the mother I am thought... Okay this is doable. Ha, we did it, I did it for the kiddos and it was not easy to choke down! Tasted the same but my mind said otherwise, eggs should not be green!
Well we started with coloring our eggs green. I scrambled them because I didn't want to try to just mix the color in the whites.

 Cut up the ham in chunks so it was ready to go.

I cooked up the egg's first, then added the ham, all the while thinking.. These kids are never going to eat this!

 But I was wrong, they happily ate those green eggs and ham, they ate them Sam I am!

After we ate green eggs and ham we had a small (belated) birthday cake for Dr. Seuss, it was enjoyed by all especially Miss. Lydia who went from her chair directly to the bath tub!

So our day didn't end in a fun inside picnic like I had originally thought. But we learned we could have just as much fun eating green eggs and ham!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ready for Spring!

The kids and I have been anxiously awaiting Spring! However, this morning we woke up to a "Winter wonderland".
Noah, my very creative 4 year old, even wore shorts and a muscle shirt to bed last night. When I protested, telling him he would freeze, he only promised he would be fine and was so happy I had to allow it. He cannot wait to wear shorts everyday.. Hates socks and shoes so his boot's have "got to go"! I'm excited for spring with Lydia this year, along with summer and the rest this year. She's at such a fun age, 1 yr old. Terrible two's began exactly 3 days before she turned 1! The most curious of the 3 kids I have, climbing book cases, breaking my "pretties" (5 in the last 3 months), and getting into (discovering) anything she can posibly get her hands on. Elijah, my 8 yr old, loves to read. Those are his adventures, I'm very thankful he reads a lot, great way to learn! This spring and summer I hope to get him outside more even if he's just reading, he can still soak up the sun.
So we have a few bad cases of cabin fever at our house this year! Spring will come, we are hopeful! For now though, we will strap on our boots, hats, mittens and "not so comfy" big puffy coats so we can shovel our way out.