Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Homeschool books for next year are here!!!

YAY! I'm probably the most excited about this.. Although I did see the kids eyes light up when they came in from Awana tonight to this huge box in the kitchen. I had to lug it up the stairs earlier nearly sending it along with myself plumiting all the way back down! Ha!
 But it was here, all minus the math program for Elijah (which will be ordered shortly after this school year is out and after taking the math placement exam), the kiddos (almost complete set of) next year of school books! We ordered from My Father's World, after much prayer and thought. I am So very glad we went with them... now I haven't used it yet of course but its just so much fun to look at! Hehe!
Lydia will have yet another fun box to keep her busy tomorrow morning! I loved sitting there on the floor pulling everything out looking to make sure everything I ordered was there. Just like a kid on Christmas! First I went through everything for Noah's year of kindergarten!
He is such a "hand's on", visual and kinetic learner. So he is going to love this next year! Especially the ant hill and butterfly garden! We also have a tadpole/frog terrarium for them to observe and learn from too. He needs the extra challenge I can provide him at home. So smart that boy is I tell ya!
Elijah will also have a blast this next year for 3rd grade! He will enjoy being home learning, he is the one who began asking about this back in 1st grade. After much prayer and time he is ecstatic to begin next year. He loves reading and finding adventure in writing his own stories as well. We have such wonderful kids, I'm looking forward to having just as much fun as them! We will be enjoying our school year for sure! God is so good to us, we are very blessed to homeschool! And while it's not for everyone I encourage you to seek information on it if you have the feeling it could be for you! :)

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  1. I so admire your ability to do this. Caleb asked me to homeschool him when he was in the first grade. He has had such a difficult time adjusting to school. It was very hard for me to understand because I loved school. Him not so much. I think it's awesome you're giving your children what they want and need. Good luck and enjoy!