Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ready for Spring!

The kids and I have been anxiously awaiting Spring! However, this morning we woke up to a "Winter wonderland".
Noah, my very creative 4 year old, even wore shorts and a muscle shirt to bed last night. When I protested, telling him he would freeze, he only promised he would be fine and was so happy I had to allow it. He cannot wait to wear shorts everyday.. Hates socks and shoes so his boot's have "got to go"! I'm excited for spring with Lydia this year, along with summer and the rest this year. She's at such a fun age, 1 yr old. Terrible two's began exactly 3 days before she turned 1! The most curious of the 3 kids I have, climbing book cases, breaking my "pretties" (5 in the last 3 months), and getting into (discovering) anything she can posibly get her hands on. Elijah, my 8 yr old, loves to read. Those are his adventures, I'm very thankful he reads a lot, great way to learn! This spring and summer I hope to get him outside more even if he's just reading, he can still soak up the sun.
So we have a few bad cases of cabin fever at our house this year! Spring will come, we are hopeful! For now though, we will strap on our boots, hats, mittens and "not so comfy" big puffy coats so we can shovel our way out.  

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