Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A "Wii" bit of fun!

Today we got our family Wii system.. Well I ordered it a while ago and the Ups man didn't leave it yesterday, we even had to go pick it up. But boy was it worth it! Such a blast we've all enjoyed it! At first I worried I wouldn't be able to set it up, it was the easiest game system I've ever had to set up or figure out the buttons on. Very user friendly for us not so tech smart people!
We bought a Wii bundle, it included everything with Wii Fit Plus and all. I still would like to get the kiddos Nickalodeon Fit, and the Hasboro Family Game Night one. However even without the last two the boys have been pleanty busy tonight!

                    Elijah feels the need to play shirtless, maybe it makes him feel more sportslike... haha!
Even Lydia has joined in on the fun of our new Wii... Even if it is only with the big box it came in! ;)

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